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What Can Professional Web Design Do for your Business?

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 10:28 am

Many agencies and companies will offer professional website design services, so it can be difficult tracking down a company that really does produce first class web designs.

Looking at the portfolios of web designers is vital, it shows you what they have created and implemented. You can then go on to see how it has improved a specific website. Good designs stand out, and they are actually easier to find than some might think. And professional web design will keep up with the latest trends, but most importantly it will serve a purpose.

If that purpose was for products and services, which it usually is, then it should be highlighted in the design. This means that it is simplified, perhaps with lots of white space and less clutter, allowing the product images and services to do the talking with their prices.

Finding your web design and potentially development partner is a tough decision. They are likely to be the company who take your business to the next level, and stay with you. Make sure they can cater for your needs, and check out their web design portfolio.


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Website Development Company

Posted on October 28, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Do you to waste thousands of pounds on your website development project? If no, then make sure that you figure out exactly what you expect before approaching a website development Northampton company.  Many individuals approach website development agencies without first formulating a clear website strategy, clarifying expectations and objectives. This hasty sort of approach to site development and can costs the client a lot of money and they may end up with a site that does not meet their needs.  So how does one get the site that meets his requirements within the budget he has? Plan, plan, PLAN! Why do you need a website?
Websites are usually developed to, provide information, facilitate online transactions, drive visitors to a physical location and facilitate communication. Sites also support the brand image and awareness. In the present day’s information-rich environment, clients are becoming far savvier and do thorough research before making decisions. Having an informative and accurate website can mean the difference between winning the customer and not.   What kind of website do you need?
Websites may be just informational in nature or can be more complex with transactional e-commerce trading functionality. They can even be developed to support Web 2.0 functionality like BLOGs and message boards that can develop a community environment. Your site needs to serve the needs of the clients you are trying to attract and retain. Before you commit to the feature set of the website development, ensure that you can link every feature back to a customer need.  Who is the target audience?
Who is the typical reader? Think about the readers; are they old or young, poor or wealthy, female or male, novices or computer techies? Are the readers just researching or are they in buying mode? Are they international or local, or both? Will language be a barrier? Once you have ascertained who the audiences are you need to develop the website to suit that audience.  How do you plan to attract visitors to the site?
Marketing the site is critical. You can be market it electronically using search engines or offline using traditional promotions and advertising strategies. It is important that you think about your marketing strategy before hiring website development Northampton professional, as it will impact the site design process and the technology of the final product.    Who should you talk to about the site development?

This depends on what you want from the site development and your budget. Is the website intended for the long or short term? Will content require update? Do you require e-commerce, email management etc.? There are many website development Northampton professionals who develop sites and many different approaches to take.  Important considerations when choosing a website development agency include:   Do they have proven site development experience? Do they know the latest developments? Do they have support networks should they experience problems? Are they competent? Can they offer ongoing site development support? Do they have graphic designers?  It is advisable to find an established website development agency with a stable infrastructure and qualified employees, who can speak with you properly, listen to your requirements and develop a plan which suits your needs.

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Can building a Mobile App help your business?

Posted on October 26, 2013 at 10:27 am

There are many ways of reaching a wider audience, on mobile phones in particular. One method is with a responsive design or even a separate mobile optimised design for smaller devices. Some may choose to instead create an app, and this could be wrong. There’s one good reason for this, and that’s because your website is more important, and it needs to offer a user friendly experience (UX) for a range of devices, such as tablets, eBook readers, mobiles and mp3 players.

Your website is your shop front, and if you have already optimised your website for mobiles and a range of other devices, and you want to broaden your reach, then apps can be useful. Apps can be created for various purposes; to make money for the price of the app itself, to attract more visitors to your website and increase sales, or to engage or entertain your target audience. Usually, a lot of money must be incorporated into building an app, especially if you want it to be a good one; the price can also depend on how complex the app is.

There is no reason why it can’t help a business’s but if your reason for creating one is to merely reach a mobile audience, then the best thing to do is create a mobile website or change your main websites design to a responsive one, allowing it to be fit for use on a wide range of devices.


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Designing a User Friendly Ecommerce Website

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 11:18 am

Ecommerce websites are arguably the most important sites, they are essentially shop fronts which are open 24/7 365 days a year. Making sure your ecommerce design is user-friendly, is essential, especially if you want to increase conversions. We’re providing a few tips below to plan and design your user friendly ecommerce website:

  • Use High quality product images
  • Ensure there is detailed product and service information for every item
  • Calls to action should be clear, perhaps even eye-catching images
  • Always include a visible shopping cart icon
  • Not too many distraction, white space is good and allows the products to do the talking
  • Include multiple payment options, PayPal should be one of them
  • A search bar is also beneficial
  • Eye catching Landing pages are important to attract visitors to make a purchase

If your ecommerce ticks each of these items above, you’re sure to improve sales, and to make sure your website is being found, an internet marketing strategy is required.

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