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Must have pages for your Website

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 6:13 pm

You may find that when you’ve looked at a range of websites, many will contain the same pages, and it is usually down the fact that these pages are essential. One must have page that all websites should have is an about page. This is your chance to tell the visitor what your website is about and what they will find. It’s also an opportunity to tell them why they should be interested in your website and explain what you can offer them.

A homepage is obvious and we skip past that, while another page is a contact page. You should be contacted easy enough, especially if you are a business and a contact page can give the visitor all the information they need if they want to get hold of you.

Today news or blog pages are becoming more important and this is pretty much down to Google’s demands. Search engines, and Google in particular want to find fresh and relevant content and a news feed or a blog page can provide the platform o update your website constantly.

One more page of equal importance is a product or service page. Again this s mainly for businesses, and even if your website is not an ecommerce site, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t display your products. You can actually sell your service direct, and the contact page will give them the information they need to enquire.

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