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The importance of call to action banners

Posted on June 27, 2016 at 10:24 pm

Designing a website takes skill and experience. You need to know what works and what should be placed where in order to make it attractive to the viewer as well as functioning correctly.

Call to action banners may look similar to adverts and are a way of guiding your customer through the website. They are designed to make the viewer take immediate action such as “call now” or “click here”. A website or advert without a call to action is not complete and will probably not be effective.

Adding a “buy now” call to action is often done on websites, but if you do not offer a sample or free trial this can increase your bounce rate by up to 85%! Even the shape of the call to action button can have an effect on how successful it is. Rounded corners can be more enticing and make a banner more likely to be clicked on that a rectangle one that has sharp edges. There is a lot of psychology behind call to actions and website design as a whole.

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