Debugging a website

Posted on July 12, 2016 at 11:39 am

As a web developer, there will come a time when you come across an issue with a website. It may be on an existing site or a new one in development. Often these bugs relate to the way information or images are displayed or the functionality that should be attached to them. For example it may be that you have a list of images that should be scrolling, but instead of scrolling they are all displaying side by side. With any bug, do not assume anything. It is often better to go back to basics and check that all the basic information is correct. You may also want to replicate the error on a test site so you can work on the bug offline without affecting the usability and look of the live site.

If you are struggling with finding out where an issue is then I would recommend leaving it for a fe hours or a day (if you have the time) and coming back to it. Often when we have been working on something for a long time we are too close to the project and need to take a step back.


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