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Is your website too busy?

Posted on September 28, 2016 at 9:20 pm

It is understandable that many businesses want to get as much information on their website as possible, but could it be that by doing so you are actually putting people off. Many studies carried out on the general public show that website that have too many adverts or too many moving parts or simply just too much information can be overwhelming and off putting. Many of these visitors will leave the site without even trying to look for what they came on to the site for.

A website should be easy to navigate round with information that is easily accessible when needed. For example, it may be that rather than filling up a page with technical specifications of a product, you add a quick link to download it or a “read more” button.

Take careful consideration to your home page which can have a massive first impact on a visitor. Do you really need the weather app on there? Or a scrolling news banner? All of this can be using up valuable space that may be better filled with something else.



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