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How can you learn how to use PPC marketing?

Posted on May 29, 2017 at 10:40 pm

PPC stands for Pay per Click and is a common and popular form of online marketing. Many people try to experiment with pay per click, but the truth of the matter is that if you do not know what you are doing then you may end up wasting a lot time and a lot of money.

Firstly you need to fully understand what PPC is and how it works. Each company that offers PPC such as Google and Facebook work in different ways, so you will need to have an overview of them all or decide which one you are going to use first.

Keyword research for PPC can be incredibly time-consuming, but it is also incredibly important. Your entire PPC campaign is built around keywords, and the most successful AdWords advertisers continuously grow and refine their PPC keyword list. You will need to do initial keyword research but will also need to do on going research to ensure that you are targeting the correct phrases.

Once you’ve created your new campaigns, you’ll need to manage them regularly to make sure they continue to be effective and that you are getting the best results for your money that you are spending on the campaigns.

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Keeping a head of the game as a website programmer

Posted on May 1, 2017 at 9:16 pm

As a programmer you have a certain level of responsibility to ensure that you program websites in certain way to make them safe and secure. This is not only from a functionality point of view but also from a security perspective as you need to ensure that you are trying to protect your client’s website and your hosting company’s server from getting hacked or the content on the site from being misused.

Often if a website is not programmed in the correct way and is easy for it to be compromised by a hacker, then personal data can be stolen, visitors can be redirected to another site without them knowing or consenting or the website may be taken offline. There have been incidences in the past where even big companies such as Sony and even government sites have been accessed by unauthorised personnel.

To ensure that you are up to date with all of the latest technological advances in programming it is advised that you either attend regular courses or ensure you do your own in depth research.

Make sure that all websites are registered on Webmaster tools and check of messages from Google as they will often pick up on sites where they believe they have been hacked and warn you.

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