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Is your website giving the right message?

Posted on August 20, 2018 at 3:00 pm

When designing and creating your website it is vital that you still focus on what your brand means and get that message across. If for example you want to emphasise the fact that all of your products are hand made or made locally then this needs to be reiterated throughout your site in a number of ways. You may include references to it within your welcome text or on the about us page, but many people will not have the time to read all that so it may need to be on product pages as well. Having a simple banner that says Hand Made can often be enough to ensure that your viewers are getting the message and understand what makes your products different.

This can be especially true if you know that other people are offering the same products cheaper that you but theirs are not hand made. You need t make sure that your website reflects you whole ethos and also matches your company branding in terms of colours, fonts and styling.

Having a branding guide will allow you to ensure that your website confirms with your logo, sign writing and social media marketing too.



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