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Is your website easy to navigate?

Posted on September 27, 2018 at 11:25 am

When it comes to designing and programming a website, sometimes we can get a little carried away and over time add in multiple areas that make the site hard to navigate round. You may have started off with quite a simple site but over the years have added new pages, forms to complete or additional stages in to the checkout process. This can very quickly confuse viewers and if this happens they will often leave very quickly.

If you notice that you have a high bounce rate or that you have high traffic but little or no conversions, then easy of navigation may be the issue. If you need all the elements that are currently on your site then it may be that you need to organise the site differently. Adding in sub menus to and search boxes help people find what they need without having to have it all on your top navigation.

If you are selling products then you may want to have a search option that contains filters to allow people to select only the products that are of interest to them as no one has time to be trawling through pages and pages of products to find the one they want.


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