Costing a web development project

Posted on January 26, 2019 at 2:35 pm

If you are a website developer then you may find it hard when it comes to costing new projects. Customers often want a fixed price when it comes to websites and you will be expected to provide them with a total cost. This can be tricky as you will often find they want to make changes to the design as it comes to life or build in extra functionality.
The only way you can cost a job is to meet with the client and find out as much information as possible about what they want. Check how many pages they want and what functionality will be on each page. You also need to check what changes they want to be able to make themselves. If for example they want the ability to change the header on the website through the content management system then this may need to be built in. all the little extras can very quickly add if and if you have not costed the job correctly then you may find that you are out of pocket.
It is vital that you create a proposal and detail what is included in the price you have quoted. You need to state that any additional work for will quoted for and costed separately. This then allows you to charge for added extras they may want.

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