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What is Google Webmaster Tools and what’s it used for?

Posted on March 8, 2020 at 10:21 am

If you are interested in finding out how your website is performing, then you should ensure that it is linked to Google’s Web Master Tools. Webmaster Tools is free online sofftware that allows you to add any sites that you own / manage. Once added to your secure control panel you can submit sitemaps, track visitors and searches, have an overview of rankings. You can also find out any there are any issues with the website that Google may have found when it crawled your site. These may be issues such as broken links or elements that are not mobile friendly.

This tool is a must for every website owner or its marketing company as not only is it useful from an analysis point of view but also to make sure you are sorting out any compatibility or pages that may not be loading when visited.

If you add a lot of new content  to the website or make a few changes to the site that you want Google to pick up then you can submit a request through the Google Web Master Tools control panel asking them to revisit the site and re-index it.

Be sure to look at the search phrases that are showing up as what people typed in to find you as you may be surprised to find out what people are searching for to get to your website.

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